New Work
A Moment of Quiet & Calm
Editorial & Short Film
Summer 2021
Working with my good (great?) friend and collaborator, the makeup artist Cythia Sobek, I shot this beautiful story with our muse, Nicole Petty. 
The photographs and film capture a quiet moment in an urban oasis of calm breezes and dappled sunlight, a welcome respite from the noise and energy of city life.

Ralph Lauren
Photos by Idris Rheubottom
Spring 2021

As we have all had to pivot in order to stay healthy, sane, busy, relevant and working during the global pandemic, I have been lucky enough to not only work with my many loyal clients, but I’ve also been able to expand and grow my roster to include new clients. I am  so happy to be able to collaborate with the wondeful team at Ralph Lauren.
Working with their in-house photo and styling team, including the wonderfully talented and all-around great guy, photographer Idris Rheubottom, I have been able to contribute to the beautiful brand legacy of Ralph Lauren, as well as to contribute to keeping that vision going forward. Here is some recent work for Polo Ralph Lauren.

She’s a Rainbow
Photos by Daniel Matallana
New Year 2021
I was shooting one sunny day during the pandemic, and there was a crystal refracting a rainbow on the white seamless backdrop. It was very faint, but it danced across the bare skin of our model when she walked on set, and the seed of an idea was planted. 
I got a call a while later from Daniel Matallana. In his charming Colombian accent, he asked, “Dah-neeee-kah, what are we doing next?” We talked about it over the mood board I made and put the team together. Eric Cano helped with the casting, and Anastasia Durosova, who is just amazing, did the makeup. Takuya Yamaguchi created the prettiest wispy flyaways and baby hair.

A Leg Up
Photos by Caitlin Mitchell
Autumn 2020

Taking inspiration from Daido Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki, Helmut Newton and the serpentine work of Guido Mocafico, I wanted to—along with photographer Caitlin Mitchell— explore textural and abstract sensual femininity through the female gaze in the age of Informed Consent in the post #MeToo era.
We partnered with models Darla Baker, Hillary Sproul and Abla Osman and shared our vision, history, references and personal desires with them, to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Stylist Ashely Falcon brought a chic sensibility and rich sense of texture, and worked with some of my own pieces to create beautiful and tactile images.

Color Theory
Editorial & Short Film
Spring 2020
A super fun and colorful editorial for 1883 featuring Alva Claire. Still images by Erin Foster and a short film by yours truly.
Set to a great disco beat, this film takes a look at Alva absolutely owning it and keeping it cool with her iconic beauty and style.